# 1 We respect each other as players and as human beings

# 2 This is an international server so we use English AND ENGLISH ONLY both in discord and in game. There are channels that are designed for other languages specifically.

# 3 Slurs, Racist, Sexist, discrimination and most importantly COUNTRY comments WILL NOT be tolerated = 1st chat ban 10 mins 2nd 30 mins 3rd 60 mins etc.

# 4 Selling in-game items for currency aka money is allowed ON YOUR OWN RISK if you get scammed the only think i will do is to ban the person scammed you WITH SOLID PROOF, but other than that I WILL NOT return any money stolen from you, I WILL NOT return any items stolen from you. SELLING ACCOUNTS IS FORBIDDEN!!! Only items!!! 💲real-money-trades💲

# 5 you can use the suggestion channel to make any suggestions regarding the server, BUT suggestions like i will just ignore them, if you have problem with your char/class REAL PROBLEM like then by all means i will do my best to fix it.

# 6 DO NOT even try to bribe me aka i will refuse and then i will post the conversation in discord I LOVE transparency, i am not Cayd..... and i will never be.

# 7 DO NOT FEED in oly with bots (only allowed between friends or clan members). I know that some will use VPN to log multiple chars, So to those players i have a warning i have my eyes open, i have been an L2 player (not a good one but i still know 1 or 2 things) so i know how things working.

# 8 if you find any bugs is better to report them than taking advantage of them (i fixed most of them and the most popular ones but i am sure there are more)

#9 Advertising of other servers either in L2 or discord server in general is prohibited.

#10 Spreading false rumors for this server or any other server is prohibited. YES!!! even for other servers is not allowed i build this project from scratch so i know how hard and expensive is to build and maintain an L2 server. Spreading Rumors for me aka is a harassment, if you don't like my server you are more than welcome to leave.

#11 Scamming others by impersonating me or any other members of the dev team is OF COURSE prohibited = ban

#12 While PVP and PKing are always a part of Lineage2, griefing players or preventing any player from enjoying regular game play with multiple PKing, mob KSing, or other harassments will result in jail time. These times will be decided upon depending on the level of harassment. If the player is a repeater offender it might end with a permanent suspension of the account


Who ever doesn't like the rules is more than welcome to leave.

Who ever FAILS to follow the rules will be dealt accordingly (((depending on the rule breaking, of course i am not going to ban you the 1st time you lost your temper and start screaming in the chat instead you will receive a warning, i am not a monster.)))